Saturday, 7 February 2009

its good to be back....

hello every one i am back to blogging, i have just been so busy (doing nothing really) and ill since christmas but need to get back to crafting for my sanity!!

while looking through my blog i found that i had been given an award and it has made my day, thankyou gill it means so much to get this from you. i have to pass it on to 5 people and as i have 5 followers it was an easy choice to make. thanks ladies x

also 5 things that i am addicted to (ONLY 5???)

1. my grand kids (elle, bailey, george and sophie)

2. robbie williams

3. crafting....... obviously...

4. greys anatomy (dr. mcdreamy particularly)

5. all c.s.i's

there will be cards posted soon.. xxx